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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice used to improve awareness, enhance focus, and increase mental clarity. This is done through achieving an altered state of consciousness with the help of several different techniques. Visualization and awareness of breath are the two most common meditation techniques, but many other techniques exist, such as body scan, mantra, loving kindness, and noting.

Breathe in, breathe out, and keep your mind clear. It sounds easy enough, but when you sit on the floor, you soon realize the mind is a little tricky. Online meditation classes for beginners provide guidance for people who are starting out. Online meditation courses also help seasoned practitioners to stay consistent. Live meditation online is a different experience compared to sitting alone at home or attending a meditation course in a studio. Meditation sessions online have the best of both worlds. They offer the privacy and comfort of meditating alone at your own home, and you also get the expert guidance of a studio meditation class.

Health Benefits of Meditation

health benefits of hatha yoga

Reduced Stress

Several studies link meditation to decreased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. In 2020, a study investigated the effects of meditation during the COVID-19 pandemic. It recommended mindfulness meditation as a means of supporting patients and healthcare professionals during times of crisis due to the decrease in pain, depression, and anxiety scores seen with meditation. This makes online meditation classes an excellent stress management tool for busy professionals.

Decreased Blood Pressure

Studies showed that consistent meditation can decrease blood pressure. One study compared the effects of transcendental meditation to progressive muscle relaxation. Both were successful, but practicing transcendental meditation for three months showed “significantly greater" results.

health benefits of hatha yoga
health benefits of hatha yoga

Better Sleep

Meditation relaxes the body and the mind. Many people report better sleep duration and/or quality with meditation courses. Research reports that those who practiced mindfulness meditation showed an improvement in insomnia, and slept longer than the control group.

Improved memory and attention span

A study looked into the effects of short, consistent meditation on a group of 18 to 45 years old individuals. They did 13 minutes of guided meditation every day for eight weeks. The results show improved working memory, recognition memory, and better attention. They also show a decrease in anxiety scores and negative moods. The study recorded these benefits with eight weeks of meditation, but not four. This highlights the importance of consistency in meditation classes for beginners.

This study and others show that meditation can improve age-related memory loss. So, the elderly can use online meditation courses to practice at home but with others.

health benefits of hatha yoga
health benefits of hatha yoga

More Happiness

People who meditate are happier. Studies show a decrease in negative mood states. They point out “meditation-induced” changes in emotion regulation. Studies also link meditation to improvement in emotional, social, and motivational aspects.

Meditation Classes Online

There are several types of meditation, and beginners sometimes find that confusing. But, there is no need to overcomplicate things. At the core of it, meditation and online meditation classes fall into two main types: Focus and Mindfulness.

Focus Meditation

Focus meditation is the more popular meditation type. It is the ideal choice when it comes to meditation classes for beginners. In focus meditation, the practitioner focuses on one thing. When the attention drifts, you simply bring it back to the thing you are focusing on. This can take many shapes depending on what you are focusing on. The point of focus can be an object, a physical sensation, an emotional feeling, or a mental image. Types of focus meditation you may have seen in online meditation courses include:

Mindfulness Meditation

This type of meditation is very simple and doesn’t require any equipment. However, it’s considered more advanced. You sit, focus on your breath, and allow thoughts to go through your mind without engaging with them. The practitioner is separate from the thinking mind. They simply observe the thoughts without judging, pushing away, feeding, or suppressing them. The instructions are easy, but the technique requires foundational concentration and awareness. This applies whether you are in a meditation class or practicing on your own.

What to Expect from Online Classes/Sessions

Almost every meditation course will start with breathing exercises. In online meditation classes, the teacher will ask you to sit or lay down in a comfortable position. In some types of meditation like Zazen, you are required to sit. The live meditation online then starts.

Depending on the meditation course type, the teacher will start guiding you through the process in a calm, relaxing voice. If it is a visualization meditation, for example, they will begin to describe the scene you should be visualizing. They will also give you guidance on what to do when thoughts arise and gently remind you to come back to the breath. These instructions are a very useful in meditation classes for beginners.

At the end of online meditation courses, you gently come out of the meditation. You can expect to feel peaceful and relaxed after the class. Most people feel like they can’t wait to join their next meditation sessions online.

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Online Meditation Classes for Beginners

Online meditation classes offer students an opportunity to cultivate the benefits of meditation in a community setting. It is a pleasant experience to share the peace and relaxation brought on by the practice with others in virtual meditation classes. Meditation classes for beginners or even experts are far from demanding. You need a quiet environment for the meditation class, and a comfortable outfit. That's all.

Meditation for Beginners at Home

Practicing meditation is a way of exercising the mind. And like any other type of exercise, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Joining meditation programs online gives you control over your environment. It also helps you relax faster in the meditation class. Generally, any meditation course will start with the student feeling like they don’t know what they are doing. Don’t worry; everybody feels this way, and it’s perfectly normal, but online meditation courses can help. Meditation classes for beginners help them get familiar with the techniques. Hearing the instructor's voice in online meditation classes provides much-needed direction. If you are thinking about joining your first live meditation online, know that it can be a life-changing experience.

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