Yoga Styles

Different branches for all practitioners

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practice with historical roots that focuses on postures and breath. Yoga styles offer practitioners physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, such as improved fitness, flexibility, strength, and also mental health benefits. Poses, or asanas, are what come to mind when talking about yoga, but the ancient practice and its different branches involve more.

Yoga Styles

Different yoga styles have their own character and their own take on pose, breath, and movement. From static meditation to breath work, all the way to dance-like yoga flows, different yoga styles have much to offer. Looking at the different yoga types will help you discover your yoga personality.

health benefits of hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga focuses on posture and breath, both of which are fundamental in all yoga styles. The classes are slow-paced. They involve holding postures for some time while focusing on correct breathing. These elements allow beginners to get knowledge and practice while enjoying the relaxation that comes with this type of yoga. This is why hatha yoga is both an excellent choice for newcomers and a favorite for many seasoned yogis.

health benefits of hatha yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic type of yoga that involves a flow of movement. The practitioner moves from posture to posture, guided by the breath. Vinyasa yoga classes vary from one session to the other, and they cater to yogis of different levels. In general, a vinyasa yoga class will be faster in pace than other yoga styles. In addition to the flexibility and strength benefits, vinyasa yoga is also considered a light cardio workout.

health benefits of hatha yoga


Pranayama focuses on controlling and regulating the breath. It involves several breathing techniques with varying speeds and patterns. Pranayama exercises the breath through sequences of inhaling, exhaling, breath-holding, and breath release. The practice has many benefits. It also contributes to all yoga styles since breath is a fundamental yoga component.

health benefits of hatha yoga


Meditation is a practice that aims to exercise the mind to reap benefits like increased focus, concentration, clarity, awareness, insight, and peacefulness. Many techniques are used to achieve that. Almost all of them involve completely focusing on something and clearing the mind of any other thoughts. Usually, the practitioner focuses on the breath. Different meditation approaches include focusing on visualization, a mantra, or physical sensations. In addition to all the benefits, progress in almost all yoga styles benefits significantly from a meditation practice.

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