Our team of multidisciplinary experts

Dr. Arpi Lodha Profile Pic

Dr. Arpi Lodha

Obstetrician and Gyneacologist


Infertility specialist

Amrita Kotak Profile Pic

Amrita Kotak

Clinical Nutritionist

MS Nutrition, Boston University

Diabetes Educator

Karuna Kodwani Profile Pic

Karuna Kodwani

Clinical Nutritionist

MS, Dietetics and FSM

Gunjan Jain Profile Pic

Gunjan Jain

Clinical Nutritionist

MSc, Nutrition & Dietetics

Diabetes Educator

Rashmita Sabat Profile Pic

Rashmita Sabat

Yoga Therapist

PhD and Masters in Yoga


Mitali Profile Pic


Meditation & Yoga Coach

Dance Movement Therapist (DMT)

Mehul Jain Profile Pic

Mehul Jain

Health Coach

Biology Geek

Neha Khattar Profile Pic

Neha Khattar

Health Coach

Yoga and Happiness Expert

Deepti Dyondi Profile Pic

Deepti Dyondi

Health Coach

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Holistic Wellness Expert

Nikhil Noyal Profile Pic

Nikhil Noyal

Health Coach

Movement and Fitness expert

Kritika Chhabra Profile Pic

Kritika Chhabra

Yoga Siromani

Nutrition Consultant

Sankalp Agarwal Profile Pic

Sankalp Agarwal

Health Coach

Mindfullness and Habit expert

Dr. Ritu Pic

Dr. Ritu