About Us

We are a digital health & wellness platform healing lifestyle disorders globally through a combination of science and tradition. We offer live yoga classes, yoga therapy programs, diet & nutrition consultations & plans, and ayurveda solutions in 8 countries including the US, Singapore, UAE and the UK. Our solutions are delivered by our carefully curated team of top 1% of yoga instructors, nutritionists and wellness experts from across the world.

Our Mission and Vision

We are helping people be healthier, happier and the best version of themselves through scientifically proven, traditionally rooted yogic solutions, reversing chronic health conditions in the most natural way.

The Founders

Mehul Jain Profile Pic
Mehul Jain

Mehul worked as a Business Consultant advising corporates across the globe on management problems. His corporate sedentary lifestyle & postural stress took a toll on his back, until he couldn’t get up from his bed one day. A regular practice of Yoga helped him fix that for good. He also saw his mother suffer from Hypothyroid most of his life. Having understood the therapeutic benefits of Yoga, he helped her reverse her lifestyle disorder.

That’s when he knew he wants to help people across the globe to reverse health conditions and lifestyle disorders in the most natural way, through the age-old science of Yoga therapy, Pranayama & Meditation.

Sankalp Agarwal Profile Pic
Sankalp Agarwal

A tech expert, Sankalp tried almost every form of commonly available workout from HIIT to Zumba, to Martial Arts & Aerobics, but ultimately got glued to Yoga due to its ease of practice & long term sustainability, traditional philosophy & the body/mind connection. Yoga helped relieve the stiffness around his neck & spine caused by his demanding work life.

Sankalp believes in going back to our roots in the modern world full of lifestyle disorders & multiple distractions. He feels the need for traditional practices like Yoga, which have been tried, tested and proven to heal people. This inspired him to join hands with his friends from IIT and start Yogami.

Deepti Dyondi Profile Pic
Deepti Dyondi

Deepti is a Ph.D. in Biomedical engineering by education but a creative soul at heart. She was born with an autoimmune disease, and had to struggle most of her childhood by running to doctors. She was advised to leave her passion of dancing because of her conditions. However, her undying spirit kept her going & she decided that being extremely fit was her only way to continue pursuing her creative endeavours.

Whilst she was still pursuing her Phd at IIT Bombay, she started voluntarily helping women in her college get fitter through Yoga and movement. Seeing her students with health conditions getting better through her teachings inspired her to continue on this journey and create Yogami.